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Inside Stream Bosses Academy, women coaches, course creators & consultants like us come together to meet and support one another, get answers to burning questions about using video marketing, adopt new ideas, participate in growth challenges, and more.

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Want to learn to maximize video content so you can serve more people? You're in the right place if this sounds like you...

You've heard that video is a great way to get noticed, but here's what is holding you back:

☑ You don't have enough ideas on what to talk about and where to start

☑ You're feeling like creating video content might be just another waste of time and ain't nobody got time for that

☑ You're afraid that you can't hold attention with video (or scrap that...will anyone show up in the first place?)

☑ You feel unprepared and not confident that you'll look like the professional on camera you want people to see

☑ You're experiencing a sense of overwhelm about video creation. It all seems too complicated

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Inside Stream Bosses Academy you get the jumpstart you need to create amazing, magnetic video content, without the struggles of learning content creation on your own.

Enjoy the support of other like-minded service providers learning how to do more video. Be part of an environment of other incredible, positive service providers who encourage each other along the way.

You have a message that can help people & can change their lives, but the problem is:

  • How do you come up with video content?
  • Where do you begin using video for marketing?
  • What techniques help you get more consistent?
  • How do you attract actual buyers with video?
  • Where do you find the best apps and gear?

Hey, Tanya here

I'm a video coach, and I can help you with all the myths someone told you about your image and why you shouldn't be on video.

Here's the good news - you have what it takes to do video. And you don't have to watch a million YouTube channels to figure out how. You don't need to buy a ton of courses or books, only to be frustrated that you're not doing it right.

You need help from a REAL PERSON to walk beside you on your journey, to believe in you, to encourage you, to create space for you to get it done!


Stream Bosses Academy

Stream Bosses Academy is a group membership program designed for service providers who are ready to be part of a supportive, resourceful community where we create more purposeful videos that drive leads and sales.

If you feel like you’ve tried everything to do it on your own - the books, the online courses, the summits, and on and on... this is different because it is designed specifically with coaches, consultants and course creators in mind.

You need quick and simple tips to implement that get a quick return, so you can continue to expand your reach and serve more people!

As soon as you sign up

Here's what you get access to:

Stream Bosses Academy is a monthly membership where you get access to group coaching, video content creator days, and a growing library of tools and resources to create more high-value content systematically.

  • 🎯 Our *BRAND NEW* exclusive Stream Bosses Success Map, a complete 6-part on-demand video course focused on helping you gain the clarity & confidence to launch, grow and scale your business with video

  • 🎯 Themed group training & coaching calls where you learn a new strategy and creative techniques to use video for branding and marketing. You will learn actual tactics (how-to) for leveraging live streaming platforms, video testimonials, creating high-converting blogs, engaging video emails, repurposing videos with ease, user-generated video content, etc.

  • 🎯 Dedicated Video Creator Days where you have a dedicated two hours you get each month with me and others in the group to focus on developing your content, designing clips, creating graphics for your videos, and more

  • 🎯 Recordings of every call for each training since we know there will be instances where you can't meet live for the group training calls. No worries - I got your back. We will record every video call so you can watch according to your busy schedule when you can't join in live

  • 🎯 Exclusive members-only community which are Secure, Password Protected areas reserved just for you so you can network with other members, watch replays and access extra educational content

PLUS I've added these bonuses...

  • 💥 My Best Kept Secret Resource library where you can access our growing digital resources collected throughout the program to help you confidently make the right choices for your video creation budget at whatever stage your business is in

  • 💥 Bonus Step-by-Step Tutorials on how to use platforms like Restream, Streamyard, Wave Video, and other apps to create professional-quality streams and show off your skills

  • 💥 A Private "Video Workout" Room where you can practice lives, Reels, and share other types of video without fear of criticism and judgment. Get support and tweaks before you publish!

Let's watch what members say about the Academy:

Meet Theresa Horne: Founder of Sisterhoodofstrong.com. She was going live on Facebook but without a strategy. After joining Stream Bosses Academy, she learned steps and strategy to create and improve her live stream show - from repurposing to serving clients with video.

Meet Mischelle O'Neal: Lead coach for Mastering Your Monday, Mischelle thought it was important to invest in her growth and find more ways to stretch herself through video. She is excited about being pushed out of her comfort zone with video.

Meet Tishia Lee: A self-proclaimed selfie queen, Tish of ShiningSelf.com was not that crazy about getting on video... at first. but with the support of Stream Bosses Academy, she now enjoys getting on camera, doing TikToks, livestreams and more (and she does it so well!).

Have you ever experienced this?

PROCRASTINATION because you just aren't clear on HOW to create video content that attracts your perfect audience?

OVERWHELM due to all the information out there teaching you 1,000 ways and all the ideas, so you stay stuck?

PERFECTIONISM since you think everything has to be perfect before you ever get on camera?

TECH-OVERLOAD because you think it's just too hard, which is holding you back from creating your videos and getting results?!

Just imagine if creating videos was so much easier...

... because you finally have the support you need to create the kind of content that reaches the people you most want to work with? What if it was fun to do and not hard? What if you felt good about how you showed up on camera?

When you have support, guidance and tools from an experienced content marketer, it can be much easier than you think to create magnetic video content!

*Current pricing available on the next page. The earlier you get in, the better the rate!

I've been where you are, struggling to get noticed, to have my voice heard!

Yes, I personally invested in a ton of courses, books, and workshops with ZERO SUPPORT. I could charge 5x more for the personal experience you get with real humans, but I know how frustrating it is to be stuck.....

After purchase, you'll get instant access to the training and our community, and can immediately start taking action towards building your brand and your loyal audience with video.

Are you the kind of person who...

  • Instinctively put the needs of others above your own
  • Believes there's more to success than money & fame
  • Takes incredible, imperfect action towards your goals
  • Tried other programs and haven't gotten results
  • Desires a life of impact, freedom, and choice
  • Believes in yourself and the power of community

No matter your skin color, size, age, or other descriptions someone has placed on you, if you've said "YES" to any of this 👆🏾 you are exactly who we live to serve inside Stream Bosses Academy.

A note from Tanya, your academy facilitator & guide

Hey friend! You should know — the strategies I’m teaching in this program are a deeper dive than what we share in our weekly live streams.

I figured out many things the hard way through YEARS of trial and error, but you can skip that painful learning curve and jump straight to success. I've got your back!

So I hope you’ll join me, do the work, and surprise yourself with how much you can accomplish and how much momentum we can create together!

ALL my best,

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is This Exactly?

Short version? It's a membership program solely focused on helping you create more & better video content. Periodt... + We're good at it!

Is Coaching Included?

Yes, we do but within a group capacity - not 1:1. If you need more personalized strategy and consulting, there are programs for this as well.

What If It's Not for Me?

No worries. It's a monthly program. Cancel at any time if you no longer find it valuable to your business goals. No long-term commitments.

I Can't Make the Calls

No worries! We usually meet 1 Wednesday evening and 1 Saturday morning. A summary page with replays will always be there for you if you need!

Hold up - are you still reading this?...

Let's be honest. If you're still reading this sales page, you know I can help you with your video strategy. What are you stalling for? We have the tools, the support, and the passion to do it. After all, my spiritual gift is encouragement.

If you've been holding back on your potential...

If you've said, "maybe - but not yet..."

If you're ready to break free...

Stream Bosses Academy was made for you!

Click on the chat bubble at the bottom of this page if you have any questions. I'll reply personally. I want to help.